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Co-Authored Gin Competition

There is glory in winning a cocktail competition, but we’re taking it a step further.

Gin is the perfect main character in a cocktail, a strong and complex protagonist that begs for the perfect supporting cast. Great authors are often judged by their ability to craft an captivating short story, one with enticing character development and layers of emotion and intrigue. Mixology is no different.

Temple Distilling has won numerous awards for their gins; from a subtle and refined London Dry gin to their big bold Navy Strength variation, their story starts with Chapter One but they aren’t done writing yet.

August 16th 2017 will be the start of a new chapter, not just for them but also for the winner of this cocktail competition. The Co-Authored Gin series will be a collaboration between Temple and a mixologist who shows a passion for crafting amazing gin concoctions. Working side by side, a new and exciting gin will be developed to embody the particular flavors and nuances desired by the lucky winner.

Entries are now closed for 2017, thank you to all those that entered! The winners are listed below, and we hope to see you all next year!


The much awaited final results:

1st Place / New Co-Author – Jacob Lichty – “A Barreled Bouquet” Yoroshiku (Wallingford)

2nd Place – Kat Chawkins – “Origin Story” Adana (Capitol Hill)

3rd Place – William Anderson – “Blossoming Sea” The Butcher’s Table (South Lake Union)

4th Place – Jessie Yoskin – “The Drink Takes You” Civility & Unrest (Bellevue)